Grimmonia – the game of fantasy

A new fairy tale is born

Welcome to the fairytale land Grimmonia, dear travelers.

Here are the world of magic and the physical world strongly connected. Giants and dwarfs, fairies and witches dwell side by side with princes and swineherds. The country is full of unlocked secrets and lost treasures wait to be discovered.

However, the path is treacherous. Stories tell of many threats waiting in the forest for careless travelers.

Use the power of imagination to find solutions to tasks and obstacles, because it is the strongest weapon in the magic land. The decision lies in your hands, which way the story unfolds and how the goals are achieved.

Get ready to explore the land of Grimmonia and tell a new heroic tale together.

Grimmonia is a cooperative storytelling board game that takes you on a journey into the fairy tales of Brothers Grimm. By impersonating their famous characters you discover an open world full of magic and dangerous adventures. Work together and use your imagination to overcome obstacles and find solutions for quests to create your own unforgettable story.

In my blog I’m starting a series #getgamedone, where I would share thoughts and insights that would follow a journey with a goal of bringing the game to the public.

Katrin Hinz,
Harald Larisch
Gisela Matthes