The AND – Creative Community

During my first year in advertising I realized the need of young (and young at heart) creatives for realization of their personal projects. That gives us the needed self-improvement and self-fulfilment which in turn positively affects the productivity at work. The common hindrances that stopped our own ideas being made were lack of time, motivation or specific expertise.
My idea was to create a community that would help us to overcome those obstacles: the AND.
The heart of the community would become the digital platform (currently under construction) where you could find motivation and support for your ideas or participate in projects you admire. Because the real magic happens when various people with distinctive skills unite to think, imagine and work together.

The name of the community mirrors the idea of working together and becomes a bold statement for a change.

The AND manifesto reflects the mission of the community:

Be courageous to pursue your ideas – use each others talents to improve and grow – execute your vision – share your ideas for a better world.

Inspired by the russian avant-garde art of 1920s, the style of the posters makes a strong visual accent on color and typography to transport the „revolutionary“ ideas of a new work and collaboration ethics.