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children's book "doni the dino"

Making Of a Children’s Book. II Style

Once I saw a great and simple infographic about what a personal style is in the context of artistic expression. If I remember it correctly, here it is:
Your style is where your expectations for the work meet your abilities.

In my case the overlapping part in the middle was even smaller, because I never learned drawing extensively, nor did much of it for fun. But ambitions are huge and my perfectionism would not let me go with some easy scribble solution.

So right now I’m trying to push the boundaries by just drawing, dismissing, redrawing. Not the most supporting way to go for sure, but probably the only one in my current situation, where I find time in the late evening after day-to-day work is done and family is asleep.

But in order not to go round in circles I needed the initial professional push. So I decided to get both the overall illustrative knowledge from the masterclasses (macro) and from very specific craft tipps, like the characteristics of particular brushes or how to blend them (micro) by the great illustrators I know or contacted over internet.

And now back to drawing pad.

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