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Making Of a Children’s Book. I New Beginnings

In the beginning of the year 2020 I started an ambitious project of creating a picture book for my son about the adventures of a cute little t-rex.

With a second draft of the story and a whole book in the scribble form I came to the most challenging part: drawing.

First I had to figure out the style and came to the conclusion, that I will need to learn a new drawing approach: children-friendly, colorful, with real brush look and feel but reduced in details.

Starting illustrating some pages of the book I quickly realized, that my drawing experience is not enough, so I began to watch tutorials, analyzed illustrators I admire and also copied their styles.

This was middle of June, when I took a time out for the project: too much trying and not knowing where to go, too much mixing styles without finding my own visual voice.

The procrastination was winning, until someone took a look at the draft and was moved by it.
That gave me the motivation I needed to. To say to myself: The only way to make this book a reality is by just doing it, stroke by stoke, page by page.

And in order not to loose this spark I decided to follow my steps in the blog, where I’ll share bits and pieces on the way to finalizing the book: from some work in progress moments to thoughts on creative process and procrastination.

Yes partly talking about it is a procrastination by itself, but I think it would give a necessary balance between the work and the motivation towards it.

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