Galopp exhibition

The wildest colts make the best horses

Just before finishing university, sixteen students decided to rock the place one more time and organized the unofficial exhibition for our bachelor projects in a new, unpolished and fresh format. We rented a huge hangar – the old factory, where the only limits were our imagination (and money) and did the exhibition the way we wanted – loud and different, with the next generation of students already using the format to do their thing.

Together with:
Gregor Schmidt, Michelle Kliem, Gregor Weichbrodt, Delia Valentina Fröhlich, Amin Dickler, Pepita Köhler, Sven Gelhaus, Eckhard Berchner, Karoline Kohle, Felix Grimm, Peter Kessel, Mona Leinung, Ron Lipkowski, Grischa Stanjek, Berit Styll

My contribution:
Co-identity / Poster design / Co-construction of the physical space