Fragments Exhibition

The broken glass of history

The history of Germany is not an easy topic. Many know about the horrible things during the second World War, but few know how it all started. With seizure of power in 1933 Nazis promptly got rid of political and cultural opponents. One of such actions was „Köpenicker Blutwoche“ (Köpenick’s week of bloodshed) in Berlin. To remember those who were the first victims of the regime, we created the concept to redesign the existing museum for our exhibition-project at the university.

With powerful identity based on the landscape itself, we tried to bring feelings and emotions into the dynamic form, that transforms the small museum into a bigger experience.

Together with:
Peter Rudolph
Ron Lipkowski
Eckhard Berchner
Abken Hofmann

My contribution:
Co-Layout / Image Editing
Modelling / prototyping

Florian Adler