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Dystopian Series VIII “The Lorax”

How come that a children’s book is on the list of great dystopian literature? Technology suppressing the nature is a recurring theme in many environmental dystopias. „Lorax“ made it very visual. This short picture book showed simply and categorically the consequences of our mass consumption society exploiting the nature.

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Dystopian Series VII “The Sleeper Awakes”

You as a totalitarian state based on money and wealth do not need to choose between controlling your people by oppression or by giving them pleasures to forget reality. You can have both… Welcome to the world of 2100.

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Dystopian series VI “A Clockwork Orange”

The dystopian nature of the novel is hidden behind the use of the funny language and depiction of sheer brutality. Where american version of a novel and Stanley Kubrick’s adaptation is a grim place to be, the original british publication has a chapter that gives some hope for humanity.

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Dystopian series V “The Time Machine”

One of the first dystopias, “the time machine” brings us in the far future, where social inequality changed our nature unrecognizably.

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Dystopian series IV “Fahrenheit 451”

Dystopian book is a mirror of its time.
Great dystopian book remains relevant for generations.
Ray Bradbury wrote Fahrenheit as an answer on tendencies of people being willingly obeyed by media. Today we see its relevance like never before.
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Dystopian series III “1984”

If in „brave new world“ it’s our pleasures that enslave and control us, paraphrasing social critic Neil Postman, in „1984“ it’s fear. Today’s world jumps from one extreme to another, leaving the answer on who was more correct about their predictions of the future open.

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Dystopian series II “Brave New World”

What does a perfect world look like?
No war, no hate, no envy. Just pure physical and emotional pleasures and stability in a society… with a small price to pay…

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Dystopian series I “We”

There are three pillars of dystopian literature. The first two are renowned „1984“ and „brave new world“. The third one is much less known, though served as an inspiration for the above-named.
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Of mice and men #2

The idea for this version of the cover for “Of mice and men” was to use the symbolism of the rabbit from the previous concept and to make it bolder. Combining it with an idea of masks hiding the true nature of oneself brings more depth to the meaning.

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Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde

Being the prototype for many modern Doppelgänger-motifs in film and books, the story of a genius doctor and (spoiler) his evil alter ego fascinated me with its dark Victorian setting, amazing story and deep idea about different personalities that coexist in all of us.

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