Unite around the Table

Bringing families together around the table

2020, in the time of global pandemic, families spent more time at home, but that did not bring them any closer together. That’s why for Dr. Oetker we brought something new to the table: Die Ofenfrische – Family Tablecloth connects the dining experience with play time to foster the family members to communicate and play with each other.

We created a witty and fascinating illustrated world, full of different games and interactive challenges that invite families to explore, play, puzzle and paint, sparking interaction between family members.

Advertising Agency: BBDO Group Germany
Creative Lead: Tatjana Genin
Creative Team: Till Diestel, Kristoffer Heilemann, Veikko Hille, Maxim Weinstein, Michael Reinhardt, Marcel Manguay
Illustrators: Katrin von Niederhäusern, Dominique Magnusson

My part
Game Design Development  |  Art Direction support