Essenzio – Feast for the Eyes

There is an old saying “We eat with our eyes first” appealing to the importance of the visual contact with our food. In today’s world of Instagram, Pinterest and co. the message could not be more relevant.

But we saw the restaurants falling short by not addressing these tendencies. So there was an idea, to help people experience the food before ordering, to know what to expect and not be disappointed.

And the technical solution came just in time.
Nowadays the QR code is well established among the restaurants, shopping experience, and out-of-home communication in general, proving to be THE tool for reaching digital space of a brand with a smartphone.

But back then, months before the start of the Covid pandemic, the system was only finding its way towards popularity. So we started the project with a competitive solution for the problem together with the technical know how. Then Covid hit, and it hit gastronomy the hardest. And while we were waiting to see how it unfolds, the restaurants themselves felt the urge to do something. And they did.

And although the product „sleeps“ on the shelves of our minds, the identity wants to get out.

Both the bold and geometrical visual language and the photography-focused app UI quote the core mechanic of the service itself: the QR code. Strong black and white contrasts support the “tasty” photography and give room for the restaurant identity to shine.

The project was developed together with Eugen Karl, Ksenia Danilova and Alexey Kozak with me taking care of the visual part.